FEVANZON Isolation Protective Moisturizer


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Product specification: 50 ml

Isolation and protection, skin protection guards

Excellent effective for protection, isolate damage, full-spectrum protection, prevention of light damage, rejuvenate, and polypeptide.

Protect skin from external influences such as the environment.

Light and invisible, not greasy, and not show white.

Quadruple filter factor, promote skin protection index.

Fully resist UA and UVB

Defend against UV damage to the skin.

Targeted whitening peptide: European patent: EP13382467

Inhibition of UV - Induced pigment deposition, reduces the content of melanin and tyrosinase.

V Skin Fair: Chinese Patent: ZL201510974505.2

Block melanin synthesis signal, reduce melanin production demand, high activity, high safety, high efficient whitening, a multi-effect protection zero dead angle, suitable for any skin.

Usage: Apply appropriate amount of Protective Isolation Milk to places of cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, evenly apply it to the whole face, pat and push it around evenly.

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