FEVANZON Cold Compress Medical Mask


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Product specification: 28 ml*10

Medical beauty grade skin care can be used for repair after micro-plastic surgery and can be sold in hospitals and pharmacies. 360° intensive repair.

Black Technology Polypeptide + Plant Extraction

Wake up the skin repairability, relieve red, sensitive, acne and activate super moisturizing power, and make skin soft, moist, and luster.

Targeted whitening peptide

European patent: EP13382467

Inhibition of UV-induced pigmentation

Inhibits the expression of tyrosinase and reduces the production of melanin.

The triple plants of Lonicera japonica, Scutellaria baicalensis and Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge co-operate with antiproamine to obviously reduce skin sensitivity and pruritus.

Tranquilizers, derived from Polynesia, have been used for hundreds of years as relaxation and soothing anti-inflammatories.


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