FEVANZON Polypeptide Revitalizing Essence Emulsion


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Product specification: 100 ml

All-in-one skincare reshape the skin quality


Moisturize, remove acne, brighten, and firm.


Multi-effect moisturizing, nourishing, elastic, bright, delicate, lock moisture, moisturizing, tender, smooth bottom of muscle, bright, firm, elastic, and tender.


Intelligent targeted microcapsule technology: Double-layer microcapsule structure, skin, and cell penetration efficiency are 10 times of conventional microcapsule


Targeted whitening peptide: European patent: EP13382467


Inhibition of UV - Induced pigment deposition, reduces the content of melanin and tyrosinase.


V Skin Fair: Chinese Patent: ZL201510974505.2

Block the signals of melanin synthesis, reduce the demand for melanin production, high activity, high safety, and high-efficiency whitening.

Usage: Massage from the nose to the c
orners of the eyes gently, and from the corners of the mouth to the nose.

Gently push your hands outward in circles on your forehead, chin up to the ears.

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