FEVANZON Yeast Serum


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Product specification: 50 ml

Remove acne, repair, firm, and rejuvenate.

Maintain and stabilize the muscle bottom for multi-effect repair: Stabilize and strengthen the skin quality, dispel acne, repair and smooth, improve bright luster, and fade dry lines and fine lines.

Drops of Yeast Essence: Skin returns to its ideal state

Yeast extract: Nutritional ingredients comparable to a beauty needle; Filter type can improve dry lines and fine lines, reduce yellow and brighten the skin, and restore skin to fair and luster; Compact and elastics skin from the inside out. Intelligent targeted microcapsule technology: Double-layer microcapsule structure, skin, and cell penetration efficiency are 10 times of conventional microcapsules.

Targeted whitening peptide: European patent: EP13382467

Inhibition of UV - Induced pigment deposition, reduces the content of melanin and tyrosinase.

V Skin Fair: Chinese Patent: ZL201510974505.2

Block the signals of melanin synthesis, reduce the demand for melanin production, high activity, high safety, and high-efficiency whitening.

Highly absorbed skincare essence, light moisture texture, deeply nourishing layer upon layer, resist skin crisis.

Usage: After cleansing, apply the proper amount of essence water to the palm. Wipe along with the skin texture from the inside to the outside, and gently massage until absorbed, to avoid excessive pull caused skin damage, follow-up skincare, and maintenance.



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