FEVANZON Polypeptide Revitalizing Cream


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产品规格50 g

Product specification: 50 g


Advanced repair, blooming elastic water photosensitive muscle.

Lock moisture and relieve discomfort.

Lighten spots and bright skin, even and flawless.


Acne repair, smooth and delicate.

Make wrinkles tighten, reshape the youth face.

Targeted whitening peptide: European patent: EP13382467

Inhibition of UV - Induced pigment deposition, reduces the content of melanin and tyrosinase.

V Skin Fair: Chinese Patent: ZL201510974505.2

Block the signals of melanin synthesis, reduce the demand for melanin production, high activity, high safety, and high-efficiency whitening.


Instant sedation, relief anti-inflammatory, reduce skin irritation caused by chemical factors and ultraviolet rays, etc. The sunflower seed oil contains a variety of natural substances that help skin resist oxidation, quickly lock moisture and slow down the phenomenon of inflammation. Shea butter: moisturize and hydrate the skin, giving skin plenty of moisture and increasing its defense capability.


Usage: Gently massage from the nose to the corner of the eye, push the mouth to the nose, make a circle on the forehead with both hands, lift the chin to the ear.


Note: It is recommended that you must do a good job in the use of sunscreen.


Water-deficient skin should be replenished for 3-5 days before use, it is recommended to use a small amount in the early stage. After no discomfort, gradually increase the amount, and caution for acne-sensitive skin.

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