FEVANZON Polypeptide Revitalizing Lady Cream


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Product specification: 50 g

Internal and external maintenance of luxury and refreshing, and outer beauty: One wipe for brightening, conceals defects, the skin is smooth and flawless.

Internal nourishing skin: The combination of the gold peptide can increase elasticity and remove wrinkles, and clear the bottom of muscles. One bottle of the product will improve eight major skin problems: Dark yellow, rough, wrinkles, acne, spots, relaxation, large pores, and pigmentation.

Intelligent targeted microcapsule technology: The skin and cell penetration efficiency of the double-layer microcapsule structure is 10 times that of the conventional microcapsule.

Targeted whitening peptide: European patent: EP13382467

Inhibition of UV - Induced pigment deposition, reduce the content of melanin and tyrosinase.

V Skin Fair: Chinese Patent: ZL201510974505.2


Block the signals of melanin synthesis, reduce the demand for melanin production, high activity, high safety, and high-efficiency whitening.

Quick absorption: Highly absorbed skincare essence, light, and permeable texture, layer by layer deep nourishing, resist skin crisis.

Usage: Take the amount of mung bean size, smear it evenly on the face and neck, use your fingers along the contour of the face and neck, and gently pat until safe absorption.

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